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About: Who is Henson??

Henson is funny. Very creative and very very funny.

Something you might not know about me, Roxy,┬áis that I’m not so good with funny…you’d have to drag me kicking and screaming to the movies if they were showing a “comedy,” but Henson makes me laugh. LOL as they say. LMAO as they say.

Check out his blog, Henson’s Hell. I found him through the extensive comments on Matt’s MTMD/Michigan Rafter blog, since he’s got this nekked avatar that shows up whenever he makes a comment. Henson describes his blog as random musings and humorous observations on pop culture from Henson Ray of “It Happened in Plainfield.” And Plainfield, NJ, it turns out, is the town where I was born. Many years ago.

Every now and then, I drive Henson crazy by giving him a little homework, in the form of a meme or two that have been passed along from blog to blog like an urban legend until he twists it in his own humorous way. And whatever Henson may say, ROXY is not a four letter word. I mean, it has four letters, but…see what I mean? He’s got me tripping all over my tongue.

I’ve also been known to show my face on his EntreCard widget and vice versa. So head on over to Henson’s Hell and let me know how hot it is…don’t wait until Hell freezes over.